bed change in the middle of the snow chaos in some places he has worked. Vacationers who wanted to leave the snowed in ski resort of Obertauern, were able to drive on Sunday afternoon in a convoy out of it. At the same time new guests came in.

In other affected areas, however, it looks different. A lot of new snow, avalanche danger, blocked roads. Some of the Hotels in the Alps are difficult or not to achieve. The need to know vacationers now:

holidaymakers are generally dependent on the grace of the hotelier or landlord, if you are not able to reach your accommodation as a result of the heavy snowfall, or leave. There are, however, special rules. For the 1400 members of the Austrian hotelier Association (ÖHV), the following applies: Is the arrival at the resort or in the Hotel impossible, may no cancellation fees calculated. It’s not rich but that tourists must avoid, for example, a blocked road, or the arrival of snow was merely tedious. Even if the arrival is within three days is possible, there is no free cancellation rule. A guest is detained Vice versa on departure, he had to bear the additional costs for the extension of the stay itself, the ÖHV. The Hotelier has made other arrangements with the guest that these shall apply. The ski velvet arrival, was booked in the case of a organizer , may terminate the traveller, however, before departure, the contract due to force majeure when the ski resort is completely unattainable. He then gets the money for the trip. Bad luck, who can because of the high avalanche danger, closed ski lifts to the ski slopes. ski resorts and lift operator from closing a refund due to the bad weather in General in their terms and conditions. in the face of new potential snowfall, the state of Tirol in Austria on highest Avalanche alert level.


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