Many weather-dependent sectors discharged in the Winter, traditionally, the employees, that is, for example, in the construction of the case. Also in December 2018, the number of unemployed has risen. So, approximately 2.2 million people without a Job were in last month of the year 2018 . Compared to the previous month, mainly due to the weather were approximately 23,000 job seekers more than in November. The unemployment rate increased between November and December by 0.1 points to 4.9% .

seasonally adjusted declined, however, the number of unemployed (minus a 14,000). In the West, the number fell to 9000, to the East by a good 5000. At the same time the best December has been achieved since 1991 . In comparison to the previous year, the number of unemployed fell free to 175.000.

the balance sheet is positive: in 2018, 2.34 million people without a Job – and, thus, as few as since the Germans were no longer in the average Association. The number of job seekers decreased year-on-year by 193,000. The average unemployment rate declined to 2018 by 0.5 points to 5.2 percent, as the Federal Agency reported for work.

BA-Chairman of the Board Detlef Scheele spoke of a very positive development: “This is also due to the positive economic development,” he said. “Encouraging the decline of long-term unemployment and progress in the labour market integration of fugitive people.”

The official number is, however, the full size of the unemployment . So, if you have been unemployed in employment measures or unable to work Ill in the pot, in December 3,162 million people without a Job. This so-called employment , however, has also decreased.

infographic SPIEGEL ONLINE unemployment in Germany: Current Figures and an East-West comparison


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