His works have been translated into 36 languages, and its themes of family trauma and national trauma. Especially, Amos Oz, was an important Israeli voice in the peace movement and supporters of Two-States-education. Now he has died at the age of 79 years due to a cancer disease, such as the Israeli Embassy in Germany, tweeted.

Oz was on 4. May 1939 in Jerusalem, was born. In 1954, he joined the kibbutz Chulda and took the name Oz, which in Hebrew means power, strength. Already during his studies of literature and philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem he published his first short stories. His first novel, “Nobody left alone”, was published in 1976 in German. His big breakthrough came with “A tale of love and darkness”, was published in 2002 in Hebrew and in 2004, as the German edition. In 2015, the eponymous Film came in, he directed by Natalie port man in the cinemas.

Fania Oz-Salzberger, the daughter of the writer, announced the death of her father on Twitter: “My beloved father died today to cancer. He died quietly and in her sleep, surrounded by his Loved ones. Please refer to our privacy. I will not answer any phone calls. I would like to thank all who have loved him.”

Since the six day war, Oz was in the Israeli peace movement is active and is in favour of a Two-States-education in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He was a co-founder and outstanding representative of the since 1977, the existing peace movement, Shalom Achschaw (Peace Now).

His work has won numerous awards, including in 1992 with the peace prize of the German book trade and the Goethe prize of the city of Frankfurt am Main in 2005, and the Siegfried Lenz prize 2014.


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