The driver of the ICE 993 on the way from Hamburg to Leipzig on Tuesday evening, apparently under heavy influence of alcohol and has missed the scheduled Stop in Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt. The Federal police confirmed a report of the “Central German newspaper”.

The railway staff have referred to the passage in Wittenberg Federal police officers who were sitting in the ICE. In Bitterfeld the engineer had brought out a little later and been replaced, said a spokesman for the Federal police in Pirna on Wednesday. “The exact circumstances are currently being investigated thoroughly.”

The local police had measured the breath alcohol value and 2.49 per thousand identified, said the police spokesman. The railway did not want to comment on this point.

According to the newspaper, the train should really have to 22.10 PM in Wittenberg. He had arrived with 65 minutes late at its destination in Leipzig. The official reason for a “delay stated in sequence of operation”. The travelers, who wanted to of Wittenberg, were driven with the S-Bahn back, said a railway spokesman.

In the message of the company says: “We apologize to our passengers for the inconvenience that you had due to the Situation in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Bitterfeld. Of course, the compensation shall also apply in this case, the passenger rights rules to the full extent.”

Like the track violations of the Zero-alcohol-limit hand

For drivers have a Zero alcohol limit. Violations would be punished according to a strict set of rules, the railway. The engine vehicle driver’s license will be immediately confiscated and the German Federal railway authority passed.

in order To recover, must prove the person Concerned on the basis of medical and psychological examinations, no disease-related alcohol is abuse and risk of repetition is excluded. The German Federal railway authority has to agree to the return of the licence.

That driver drive accidentally at a train station passing by, is already happening more and more often. Two years ago, on 4. January 2017, was once a ICE to Wittenberg is over, to keep without. The driver noticed his misfortune, however, stopped the train and was able to drive back to the train station. A similar case, there had been at the time, a short time before in Bitterfeld. Multiple trains are rushed to Wolfsburg over Gera, Göttingen and Uelzen (lower Saxony) were affected.


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