It was one of the most successful Teen series in the 1990s – now Beverly Hills 90210 is coming back. Like the actress Tori Spelling, 45, announced in an Interview with “Access to Life”, is even supposed to be the almost complete Cast for the revamp of the cult series.

Jennie Garth, Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, Gabrielle Carteris and of course, Tori Spelling will be thus again, as she says. Only Exception: Shannen Doherty.


The old stories of the rich kids in the district, with the zip code 90210, the new Show on the Streaming service, CBS All Access, however, is not revived. The Format is controlled by a so-called Mockumentary – a fictional narrative in the Form of a documentation.

Actresses Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth in 2014

The actor himself, and paint, as a continuation of the series could look like. In between scenes of the old series should be cut. (Read here how a writer on the series reminded.)

for a long time swirled rumors of a Comeback in the series. As it is, depended on the planning, however, Doherty, who has just defeated a serious blood cancer and is currently not able to saw, the rotation of the stress with your old Team wrong. When will the new series will be seen, is not yet known.

Our favorite series in a Tweet

The Big Bang Theory

You can be smart or cool. You better be intelligent.

“Two typical physicist, the typical physics have friends that live in the same house as a typical pretty waitress.”

“A child of Asperger sucks his equally childish friends, spanks his girlfriend and all the man is still a favorite physicist.”

“one-Sided talents, in combination with a disturbed social environment leads different individuals to different mental disorders.”

“The world of 4 Nerds and 1 blonde overlap. With a lot of wit and situational Comedy trying to bring each other.”

Breaking Bad

hand-tamer pedagogue mutated paranormals to the socio -, because in Albuquerque, Obama-Care has not yet been set.

“The transformation of the do-gooders in a brutal drug manufacturer and murderer.”

“A cook only one recipe and sold the product to an extremely high price.”

“Meth Teacher”

“Malcolm in the middle multiplied by methamphetamine. And Bryan Cranston is no longer so endearing.”

“Sick to go to school in blue.”

“In every man a hell of a dark side – or a cry-baby slumbers.”

“Walter Heisenberg paddles with Meth money & bodies, and you can’t look away…”

Mad Men

monogamy? For one night the time is okay.

“no Matter how much I smoke, drink, stylish clothes to wear or around vögele, my wife doesn’t understand me.”

“top macho world is crushed by increasingly self-confident women, insidiously, drank and smoked.”

“Who drink starts alone is an alcoholic”

“typewriters and elevators, even of women and Black


In Miami,” life is just totally crazy serial killer, and one of them tries to murder the others.

“a serial killer works as a blood analyst for the homicide.”

“Patrick Bateman as a brother and father of a family. You can imagine how this ends.”

Game of Thrones

Lord of the rings with Sex

“Winter is coming. You know nothing John Snow. A Lannister always pays his debts!”

“the middle ages + glacial, GB is located in front of the Turkey, from the North, Zombies are coming dragons, there are. Who’ll be king? … + Sex”

“What is your favorite character? … Oh, I’m sorry.”

How I Met Your Mother

10 years of hope, sweat, and tears – and then the last episode that destroyed everything.

True Blood

Twilight with eggs

“take-charge-free FSK-18-Version of ‘Twilight’.”


Never dead people were so nice.


Be More than apparent. Be more than apparent. Seems to be so. Or only seems so?


Jack! Government conspiracies to uncover. Many. Terrorists! Torture! Always wins. Costs Nerves. Poor Guy. Reality? It is better not to.

The Walking Dead

there’s guaranteed to be more biters than in any football game, in which Uruguay is involved!

Sex and the City

Horny women, buy Horny clothes in front of Horny backdrop.

“Four different Girlfriends on the search for Mr. Big uh Mr Big Penis.”


an unsuccessful writer sleeps with uninhibited girls.

“Hank Moody loves his Ex-girlfriend Karen. And all other women. And Alcohol. And his girlfriend Karen. And his Ex-girlfriend Karen.”

Bill Cosby Show

the father of A family struggling with the serious problems of a family father: not made in-house tasks, off the shoulder Tops and naughty music.


Bizarre contract killer messes with snowy town with a funny dialect.

True Detective

a drunkard and A brawler are a Maniac on the track.

Doctor Who

An alien time traveler in a blue phone booth to save the earth or the whole universe.

“A crazy man in a blue Box saving the universe from Daleks, Cyberman and co., Geronimo!”

“In case of Alien invasions and other inconveniences, run away you as soon as possible, or keep to the Doctor.”

The Sopranos

Boss dead. Good friend – dead. Reliable staff – dead. Cousin – dead. Foster son – dead. In between cheating.

“narrow-minded fanatics, buy, fuck, fight, kill, and fear.”




A Rube turns.

the black forest hospital

The Denver-Clan operates a Spa hotel in the black forest

hausmeister Krause

Everything for the Dachshund to give everything for the Club, our life for the dog… dog!

Forbidden love

we all love Each other and ran with each at some point.


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