Five important rules in the champagne-enjoy

You must not be afraid to make a fool of himself in champagne enjoyment. Even if you have no prior knowledge. Basically, anything goes and tastes. However, there are a couple of helpful rules to help you drink champagne to make a commanding impression.

when is champagne to drink? When the right opportunity is entirely up to you.How to open a champagne bottle? Hold the champagne bottle at a slight angle and you stabilize if necessary with the tight belly. You grip the Cork and turn the bottle (not the Cork), slowly, until it’s popping.How is held a champagne glass? Hold the glass (for example, a Tulip glass or a Burgundy wine glass) on the style. The sound when the Toast is unfolding perfectly and the champagne is not artificially heated.What are the allowed topics? All of the themes, the mood, such as professional success, family and good food. Issues, the lower the mood, for example, crisis situations are to be avoided.How is champagne?
SIP enjoy the champagne glass and let the flavors in your mouth unfold. At a tasting of the champagne must be disposed of in a designated receptacle. Under no circumstances should you empty the glass on Ex. The Person

The Munich-based Martin A. Konorza 2011 founded as a newcomer, the De Watère GmbH and distributes its own brand of champagne.

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Around the champagne, there are also some terms with which you are faced.

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Saignée method: The time-consuming and extremely rare Saignée method is used for the production of the finest Rosé champagne. The special feature: In this method, the color of the Rosé without the addition of red wine. Here, in the mash, consisting of Musts, grape skins and grape seeds are extracted, the colour from the skins until the perfect colour of the Rosé is reached.Perlage: The Perlage is a decisive criterion when it comes to the quality of the sparkling wine. The ascending bubbles are not only a visual Highlight, they have an important function in terms of the taste of the champagne, because the finer the bubbles of the Perlage, the better the noble aromas. Influence on the fineness of the Perlage of different factors: the Vintage, the shape of the glass, the air pressure, the maturation period, as well as the duration of the second fermentation. In this manufacturing step is added to the champagne yeast. The longer this remains in the liquid, the better it can distribute the CO2 and the finer the bubbles of the Perlage.Disgorgement: disgorgement is the removal of the yeast from the champagne. While prior to the invention of the refrigeration machine, the complicated warm disgorging was widely used, today disgorged mostly cold. With a special vibration method (franz. "Remuage") to be rotated with a crown cap sealed bottles for several weeks in a wooden frame, until you are almost on top of the head and the yeast has migrated into the neck of the bottle. Then the bottles upside down diving in a cooling bath that the yeast freezes into a frozen into a plug. The crown cap is removed, shoots of the yeast under high pressure from the bottle.Dosage: In the last step of the preparation is added to the champagne, the so-called Dosage, a secret sugary wine solution, with the disgorging of lost fluid is compensated for and the bottle of champagne is replenished. The Dosage gives the champagne its unique character. In addition, it determines the flavor, so whether the champagne is Brut (Dry), Sec (semi-dry) or Doux (Sweet). After the addition of the Dosage, the champagne is stored for a further two months so that the liquids combine and the flavors can perfectly unfold.Habil location: Habil location describes how to bottle the dressing process of the champagne. He gives the champagne its individual Look, because in the "dress" to reflect the brand values of champagne. The Muselet is referred to the upper part of the noble bottles of Outfits. This, in turn, can consist of a metal plate (Plaque) and a wire basket (Agraffe). The Plaque is located directly on the Cork to protect it from cuts through the Agraffe. Because of the individual, often very elaborate printing, it is a popular collector’s item. The wire basket is fixed to the Cork, and wrapped in the foil cap (Coiffe), which is adorned with a decorative cuff. Is completed, the HAB with the two labels at the bottom of the bottle.Rosé champagne was Invented Rosé champagne from the "Grande Dame de Champagne": Barbe-Nicole Clicquot-Ponsardin. She was the first woman ever, who ran a champagne house and made it champagne to the noble beverage that we know and love today. But above all, we owe her the first Rosé in champagne. Today, the Rosé not only has a relatively small but loyal following among lovers (about 3 percent of the champagne produced are Rosé champagne) – he is currently experiencing a true Renaissance. The production of the Rosé champagne is a little more complex than the usual champagne.

Sabrage: After his victory over the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 19th century. Century, is said to have beaten off Napoleon with his "sabre" ("saber") a bottle of champagne by the neck. Today, the Sabrieren Tradition, and there are even special champagne saber. Nevertheless, caution is necessary if you want to hit like on the field: By the internal pressure in the bottle, the Cork and the bottle neck will be able to fly a few meters. Therefore, only Experienced sabrieren should. The better the champagne is chilled, the less it foams when Sabrieren and can be directly into glasses filled.

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