foreign Minister Heiko Maas has called for a new global disarmament initiative. “The issue of disarmament back on the international agenda. This is not only true for the United States and Russia, countries like China need to be involved,” said the SPD politician of the Newspapers of the “Funke MEDIENGRUPPE”. In the last decades, many new weapons systems were developed. The Federal government will work to ensure that there is a new rules for the new technologies.

U.S. President Donald Trump had been suspended on Friday the Treaty with Russia and announced that the United States felt from this Saturday in the obligations of the Treaty-bound, and would leave Moscow the same day know. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo justified the step, saying that Russia is threatening the security interests of the United States. The withdrawal should not occur, therefore, in six months, if Russia will hold until then, back to the agreement.

The Treaty bans missiles with a range between 500 and 5500 kilometers, and also the production and testing of such systems says. The abbreviation ‘ INF ‘ stands for “Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces”, in English: nuclear medium-range systems. The United States and the former Soviet Union had signed the Treaty in 1987.

In many Parts of the world, the announcement from Washington that triggered fear of a new nuclear arms race. Although Trump also said he wishes that it come to a new, better contract. However, he had explained repeatedly in the past, and also China would have to be the Treaty partner, and Beijing is not prepared to recognize.

back cover of Nato

back cover for their latest move, the Americans got from their Nato partners. “The allies to support the approach fully,” it says in a statement, the Alliance published only moments after Pompeos notice. The partner States agreed with the finding of the United States that Russia violated its obligations under the agreement. Nato calls on Russia to “urgently” return to full and verifiable compliance.

From the point of view of the United States, the new Russian cruise missiles with the name 9M729 (Nato-Code: SSC-8) is a clear breach of the agreement. They intend, therefore, for quite some time, from the contract to get out.

Russia denies this. “The lack of will of Americans, arguments to listen to and to engage in substantive negotiations with us, shows that the decision to break this Treaty was made in Washington a long time ago,” said a Kremlin spokesman before the announcement of the Pompeos.

on Friday, the Maas had called for a “comprehensive arms control”. “Unfortunately, Russia is not willing to Treaty-abiding again,” he tweeted. Without the Treaty there would be less security.

Merkel wants to keep the “conversation window” with Russia open

Angela Merkel, also wants to leave after a termination of the INF Treaty, the thread of the conversation to Russia. Russia is in violation of the contract. The “conversation window” had to be kept open. (What is the meaning of the INF Treaty for Europe, read here).

A nuclear retrofit, could in particular lead in Germany to mass protests in the Seventies and eighties, when hundreds of thousands against the Nato double-track decision took to the streets. Add to that a neusta tioning of nuclear missiles, the danger of a nuclear strike could increase and thrust.


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