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a psychiatrist Henning, his surprise can’t hide Sat on the supposed and almost universal ignorance of the witnesses. In the trial against serial killer Niels Högel before the district court of Oldenburg to a report by Sat to give to an important question: Was the former nurse may be just a fault a reduced ability, as he is a patient after the others killed?

Sat is at the beginning of his task. He was only hired last week as an expert. His predecessor in the procedure, Konstantin Karyofilis, arbitration, due to a serious illness from the process. In addition to Sat another expert trying to figure out what a personality Niels Högel. Legal psychologist Max manufacturer should speak to the credibility of the information Högels.

For Sat, it is now about the question of whether Högel under alcohol or drugs influence, as he was only in the hospital of Oldenburg, then in the hospital of patients ‘ drug injected, which should have resulted in at least 100 cases, to their death, Delmenhorst. Sat asks Högels former colleagues as a witness before the jury court statement, whether you is something I noticed.

expert Henning was Sitting in the courtroom

Högels supervisor in the Klinikum Oldenburg, Deputy care Manager, Johann K., may or may not want to help Sat. “Nice, friendly, sympathetic” Högel. Much more, the witness is able to say, like a doctor, who had said the previous day.

He had never had the impression that Högel had been under the influence of alcohol or drugs, says Johann K. On the behaviour of the Keeper had he noticed anything, even rumors are not come to his ears. How Högel have in situations of conflict behavior, he did not know.

the right. If it didn’t make up belongs to his duties as a Deputy nursing Manager, a picture of how an employee will behave in the Team, he asks. Johann K. says, Was doing apparently incorrect notions of its activities. His main task had been to take care of themselves as nurses to patients. Time to watch the employees, not have he had.

this Should be in the case of Johann K. s chief, nursing service Manager, Bernd N., have been different, it was Sitting just as little know as the court. Against Bernd N. a preliminary investigation on suspicion of manslaughter to be running by. In court, he was allowed to refuse therefore, the statement.

“The next Morning the Patient was no longer there, dead”

is much more talkative, Stephan K. The 48-Year-old was friends with Högel. She worked as a nurse in the hospital of Oldenburg in Delmenhorst. In court, he told that he had helped Högel 2003 in the move. Him numerous empty liquor bottles are noticed. Högel had asked him to keep it to themselves. Stephan K. also says that he noticed that his friend had become over the years more and more quiet. Stephan K. had met Högel as a funny, open-minded types. However, after the change to Delmenhorst, he had withdrawn more and more.

It was the time in the Stephen K. began to doubt his friend. He tells the court that Högel, one Night, came in the spring of 2005 to the Nachdienst in the Delmenhorst clinic and derogatory about a patient expressed. The man was well over 80 years old, his condition after hip surgery but is stable.

Högel should have done to Stephan K. spells, whether such an Operation in a so old patient lohne. Stephan K. made in the evening, went home. “The next Morning the Patient was no longer there, dead,” he says. Since he had started to worry.

A few weeks later, the suspicion is substantiated. A nurse had surprised Högel at the bedside of a patient. Just whose condition had been stable, the blood pressure was in the basement. The woman, Stephan K. called for help. You were able to rescue the man. The nurse took her patient’s blood. Stephan K. looked at whether drugs were missing, Högel had injected the patient may be.

“it was an absolute shock experience”

“I have to go over and see if I can find needles,” says K. before the court. He found you. Four vials of a heart drug were in the trash. A drug may have obtained the Patient never. “It was an absolute shock.” The blood test confirmed the suspicion. A month later, in July 2005, was Högel arrested. Only nine years later, the investigation began to the deaths in the hospital of Oldenburg.

Help statements such as Stephan K. Sat? The psychiatrist has experience with defendants who are accused of spectacular deeds. Around for five years, he Beate Zschäpe in the NSU has examined process. As in the case of Högel it was also in the case of Zschäpe to your debt capacity and, therefore, whether, from a psychiatric point of view, the conditions for the arrangement of preventive detention. Zschäpe has denied the prosecution allegations, in Essence. She has not spoken with Sat.

In Högel, there is reason to believe that it could be different. He confesses to suicides, in which he claims to have no memory, and said in interviews before the process fairly open about himself and his deeds.

Also Sat with’ predecessor spoke Högel. Now wants to make Sitting a impression of the defendant. The court has Högel asked to consider whether he also wants to talk with this psychiatrist.

Summary: In the murder trial against Ex-nurse Niels Högel attempts of the psychiatric experts Henning Sat to get a picture of the defendant. That former colleagues in Högel don’t want to be noticed, puzzled the reviewers – especially as a nurse who worked with Högel, drew suspicion. Sat on a report to create Högels debt capacity, and evaluate whether the defendant is still dangerous.

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