One thing is sure: If Germany should be in on Thursday, beginning a home world Cup, the champion of the world – on the Warm-up in the Berlin sports forum of Hohenschönhausen was not it. The man has only anzumoderieren a public Training of the German national team, but he has given everything, he’d probably say he’s got it all carved out.

“I want, that this is the loudest hall in Germany,” he urges of the 1500 spectators who have managed to hohenschönhausen: “If I say: Here are the German national team, then I want you to be totally freaking out.” The audience gives his Best, so how can you freak out on a dingy January afternoon. To Andreas Gabalier booms through the hall: “Then you say Hulapalu. Hodi hodi hodi oh.”

The enthusiasm for the world Cup in their own country is currently doing something else. As the brave stadium announcer calls the first name of the national players in the hall, coming back from the audience, only a tired Echo. Fabian Böhm and Franz Semper, not familiar to everyone, unlike, for example, the Sailors Silvio Heinevetter and Andreas Wolff. Handball is not football, you can stage similar to hodi hodi ho and schalala, but everything remains the two numbers is smaller. Even if the Association-Board of management, Axel Kromer duty says guilty into the microphone: “We have kindled a huge Handball-euphoria in the country.” The must yet to come, but the tournament starts in two days.

The charm of a village festival

Until then, the public Training of the DHB has the atmosphere of a friendly village festival. It’s sausage for two euros 50, the hall Director plays “Life is Life” and “shake your bacon,” by Peter Fox, the players write eager autographs, the charm of the gym in Hohenschönhausen, not does the rest, it is the Ostseehalle in Kiel, the temple site of the German hand ball. In Kiel, Flensburg, Gummersbach, the life-veins of the hand ball, there to watch at this world Cup, the games will be held in the metropolises: Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg. The German handball Federation wanted.

the comparison with The great football he is unfair, but, nevertheless, he is searched again and again. DHB.Vice-President Bob Hanning has spoken in a Reuters Interview, they wanted to be “a down-to-earth and not aloof an Alternative to football.” But as the audience applauds for a few rehearsed scenes in the Training, believes team Manager Oliver Roggisch, “the atmosphere here is almost like in football”.

The Team of Christian Prokop seems to be at least the possibility of the sport of football again a little closer to the market leader, aware. None of the pinches in the subsequent autograph session will be like any Selfie-desire fulfilled – and more importantly, the Training is quite seriously through, this is not a pure show event. The hall Director sonicated well. The Sailors are hot-cast, fast break situations practiced, the players shake your bacon, while AnnenMayKantereit mumbles over the loudspeaker: “It hurts that we have to go.” this is hopefully not a bad Omen for the tournament.

Finally, the Team is Great. The mood in the German game locations may not yet be vorwelt, in the capital, for example, the image reminds a little bit in the road because in a few days, here’s a world Cup is played, but the team, each Interview on Tuesday, and has an ambitious goal in mind. No matter whom the hall speaker this afternoon interviewed, he ended every conversation: “And: Who will be world champion?” Woe to the one who is not mentioned then the answer, at least in Germany.

The home-field advantage, he is a few sports as important as in Handball, where the hall atmosphere determining factor in victory or defeat. Assistant coach Alexander Haase belongs to the Restrained, when he says: “The team will be world champion, win all of the games and I hope we are.” I’m sorry, Pocahontas. I hope you know that.

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