A salaried man in Seoul, surnamed Kim, received an above email from Netflix last month, which noted there was a new sign-in to his Netflix account from a new device. And the location was Cebu in the Philippines, where he has never been. Photo courtesy of Kim

An office worker in Seoul, surnamed Kim, received an email last month stating there was a new sign-in to his Netflix account from a new device. And the location was Cebu in the Philippines.

This is not the first time for Kim to get such an email for his account at the video-streaming platform. Previously, the area was California. He has never visited Cebu nor California. He does not share the account with anyone else, either.

I was very surprised to see the email. When I contacted a Netflix customer center, it said as if I am responsible. Isn’t it Netflix that should take responsibility?” he told UPI News Korea.

A South Korean Twitter user shared a similar experience, and the location was Daegu, around 185 miles southeast of Seoul.

Was my account compromised? I’ve never been to Daegu,” he tweeted late last month.

Similar complaints have surfaced of late to draw the attention of people as the number of Netflix customers keeps rising here.

Netflix, which was founded in 1997, tapped into the Korean market in early 2016 to gain huge popularity. The number of its paid viewers in Korea topped 2 million last November.

In an interview with UPI News Korea, Prof. Kim Seung-joo of Korea University said there are three possibilities.

The self-proclaimed victims might be phished. Otherwise, they have their log-in details stolen, or Netflix itself was hacked. But I think the likelihood of Netflix being hacked is not so high,” he said.

It is not sure whether they were deceived by phishers or they got their login information stolen. We should examine to check which is the case.”

Netflix scam emails have widely circulated, warning the streaming service’s subscribers that their account has been suspended or terminated, thus requesting their username, password, or the payment method.

Netflix asks its users to be cautious by changing the password to a very strong one. And they are recommended not to log in with a public PC.


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