The proportion of women in the Supervisory boards of large German companies is an analysis of the German Institute for economic research (DIW), according to rose, a little bit at least. In the case of the 200 largest companies rose last year by more than two percentage points to 27 percent. The Institute examines annually the proportion of women in Supervisory bodies of major corporations.

In one of the 100 largest German companies, the proportion of women in the new DIW rose-Barometer, by more than three percentage points to 28 percent. In Germany, since 2016 gender quota for Supervisory boards to show the effect, stressed in the DIW. However, many companies no longer do as necessary.

There were “initial indications” that the companies continue their efforts in “significantly”, as soon as they had reached the 30 percent mark, the researchers said. So, the proportion of women stagnating in the Supervisory boards of the 30 on the German stock index Dax-listed corporations, most of which are tied to the gender quota, many of whom you met already, a third.

in addition, the quota for Supervisory boards is not radiated according to the DIW Berlin”, at least in the short term,” still on the Board level. The proportion of women in these bodies was on the quota companies at the end of last year, at 8.5 percent. That was about half a percentage point more than in the previous year. The 100 highest-turnover companies cracked 2018, the Ten-percent mark, the course of development, but “at a low level at a snail’s pace”.

“a Lot of companies are on a good path when it comes to more women on Supervisory boards – on the other hand, most do not do more than is necessary,” said Elke Holst, DIW research Director Gender Studies. She advised the company to put in their own interest, “more ambitious objectives” for more women on the Board. Only in this way could lead to further binding rate rules take the Wind out of the sails. “The economy has made it even in the Hand.”


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