Officials of Woori Bank Vietnam pump their hands at the lender’s branch in Ho Chi Minh City. It plans to offer comprehensive consulting services to Korean firms in the country. Photo courtesy of Woori Bank

Korea’s leading lender strives to help Korean firms in Vietnam

Woori Bank, one of the leading South Korean lenders, announced on June 26 that it had started offering comprehensive consulting services to the country’s corporations in Vietnam.

Toward that end, the bank has joined hands with global accounting company Ernest & Young and Korean law firm Jipyong.

As the first overseas accounting company in Vietnam, the former has offered taxes and accounting services to multinational corporations in the Southeast Asian country.

After launching a branch in Ho Chi Minh City in 2007, the latter has provided legal counseling for those who wanted to tap into the Vietnamese market.

It has set up an affiliate in Hanoi, too.

Woori Bank has also chalked up fast growth in the country as it recorded more than $50 million in yearly net profit.

The outfit strives to accelerate its growth in Vietnam by providing preferential services to companies, which had carried out foreign direct investment.

“By joining forces with Ernst & Young and Jipyong with outstanding know-how and expertise, we will provide total solutions to our customers in Vietnam or ones striving to wade into the country,” a Woori Bank official said.

“As a traditional powerhouse in corporate financing, we will become the best partner of those who conduct foreign direct investment in Vietnam.”

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