Street artist Banksy wanted to shred during an auction in London, a partially destroyed work of art is actually complete. In a Wednesday on its website, published the Video, he shows not only how the shredder mechanism has been installed, but also the auction in the auction house Sotheby’s, and the partial destruction of the plant, after the auctioneer had issued the tender. At the end, is to be read on a plaque: “In rehearsals it worked every Time…”. Then a sequence is seen, in a copy of the image in the frame hidden shredder actually was cut.

The famous picture “Girl with a Balloon” was about two weeks ago for the equivalent of almost 1.2 million Euro have been sold. Shortly after the Hammer fell, it was gone to the amazement of the participants by a thick, ornate gold frame hidden shredder, leaving only the upper part of the image remained, the Rest hung in strips down. Banksy, whose true identity is unknown, was the action later on his Instagram Account on the Internet as a long-planned criticism of the Art market. The auction house said the buyer was a “European collector and long time customer of Sotheby’s,” take it, it is also shredded. This was the “first work of art of the history that had occurred during the auction live”.

Whether or not Banksy was in the auction even in the room, is still an open

In the Video, with the title “shredder, your love, the Director’s Cut” is first of all to see how the shredder of a man with a Hoodie – Banksy likes this piece of clothing – was built in a workshop in the frame. There are recordings of the auction, the guests, the fun with appetizers and beverages before the auction starts to follow. Then, when the award is granted, is shown as a man pushes a shutter button – obviously, for the mechanism, so that the image passes through the shredder in the frame. It is not clear, however, whether the one who pressed the shutter button was actually in the exhibition hall present. The scene is cut into. The question of whether or not Banksy was in the auction even in the room, so stay more open.

At the shredded picture is one of the most famous Banksy-motives, a girl who stretches out the Arm to one of the flying air balloon in the shape of a heart. The motif first appeared as wall paintings in London. The now-destroyed image, on canvas sprayed, dates back to the year 2006. The Bristol-born Banksy is known for his socio-critical works. In 2015, he made a splash with an Installation with the title “Dismaland”, a creepy Anti-amusement Park on the English coast.

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