The global economy is losing momentum, growth forecasts are trimmed and particularly it hits the export-oriented Germany. The German economic performance in 2018 and 2019, the price will grow up only by 1.8 percent, says the Federal government is now in its updated estimate; previously, Rates had been more than two per cent expected. In absolute Figures: The German growth be missed in this and in the coming year, a total of around 50 billion euros.

thank you letter would be addressed to the White house, because that is where the main sitting is responsible: The duties of Donald Trump, his new protectionist threats and the state of shock, which has triggered the decision makers in the company – this combination proves to be a brake on the economy. Years ago, when the Germans had not developed the domestic economy is still a momentum of its own, would have been able to encounter such a setback, the country slightly in the direction of recession.

keep The trade dispute under control will be a bigger challenge than you might think whether the relative quiet on the Twitter Front. Because of the US President in his krawalligen approach confirmed – economically as well as politically. It’s countries like Germany are suffering, their recovery, while America is experiencing thanks to trump cher, tax reform, a special boom. South Korea has wrested from Trump a trade agreement. Mexico and Canada gave in to his Insistence, Nafta set up again. A few days ago, finally Japan surrendered in Tokyo, will now lead bilateral negotiations with Washington, and the conditions that have dictated the Americans.

Bend and also Europe, in order to reach a Deal with Trump? Or you risk real trade war? In the first case, Trumps gunboat policy threatens to make school, in the second case, a recession threatens. And in both cases, it is still substantially more than the 50 billion euros that are now practically gone.

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