Hwaseong City Mayor Seo Chul-mo, third from left, speaks during a joint press conference with the World-OKTA at the city's convention center on March 30. Photo courtesy of World-OKTA

The outfit promises to stage joint projects with Hwaseong City

The World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Associations (World-OKTA) and Hwaseong City agreed on March 30 to continue programs supporting the exports of the country’s small enterprises.

The agreement was disclosed during the press conference, which took place on the sidelines of the 23rd World-OKTA Leaders Convention and the Business Plaza in Hwaseong.

The World-OKTA and Hwaseong City organized an exhibition to arrange meetings between a total of 63 exporters around Hwaseong and some 800 OKTA members visiting the country.

And they promised to carry out similar events down the road.

Founded in 1981, the World-OKTA is the largest organization of overseas Korean business leaders whose number has shot up over the past four decades.

Hwaseong is a city located some 40 kilometers south of Seoul. Mayor Seo Chul-mo is currently leading the city’s government.

“I am well aware how much the World-OKTA made efforts to host this event over the past three years,” Seo said. “And we wanted to give opportunities for our companies to export their products.”

World-OKTA Chairman Chang Young-sik invited companies to join the organization’s initiative of opening global agencies to sell Korean products across the world.

“The initial size might not be so big, but the program can chalk up a success if a mounting number of international locations are included,” Chang said.

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