Korea Southern Power (KOSPO) Lee Seung-woo speaks during a ceremony celebrating the completion of the world’s largest hydrogen fuel cell power plant in Incheon on Oct. 26. Photo courtesy of KOSPO

KOSPO has completed big-sized fuel cell power plant at west of Seoul

On Oct. 26, Korea Southern Power (KOSPO) celebrated the completion of the world’s largest hydrogen fuel cell power plant in Incheon, some 30 kilometers west of Seoul.

KOSPO’s Incheon plant in Cheongna area has generated power through liquefied natural gas for nearby industrial complexes and households as well as Incheon International Airport.

Down the road, the new fuel cell power plant will produce 70 GWh of electricity each year for some 25,000 households in an environmentally friendly way, according to KOSPO.

The company expects that the fuel cell plant will offer another advantage of providing purified air to more than 700,000 people around the facilities.

The Busan-based company noted that the new plant is in line with the country’s efforts to reduce carbon emission by raising its dependence on hydrogen.

The government strives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. In tandem with the grandiose scheme, KOSPO also came up with its own hydrogen roadmap for 2030 on Oct. 26.

Included in the roadmap are to secure hydrogen technology and establish related infrastructure on top of preempting carbon-neutral technology.

“It is a high time to achieve carbon neutrality to deal with the climate crisis across the world,” KOSPO CEO Lee Seung-woo said during the ceremony.

“Based on our hydrogen roadmap, we will join hands to realize carbon neutrality in 2050.”

KOSPO generates electricity through both traditional and environmentally friendly ways _ the state-backed entity runs thermal power stations as well as wind/solar power plants.

Under the relevant law, KOSPO was separated from Korea Electric Power Corporation in the early 2000s. KOSPO is regarded as one of the most reliable electricity providers in the market.

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