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On the 29. March 2019 wants to say goodbye to the UK from the European Union – so at least the previous Plan. Whether this view is significantly more Britons apply for an Irish passport. Their number had increased to 2018 by 22 per cent to almost 100,000, as the Irish announced the foreign Ministry on Monday.

in 2015, there were only 46.000. Everyone who was born in Ireland or Northern Ireland or whose parents or grandparents from Ireland come, can apply for an Irish passport. This applies to approximately six million Britons, could get dual citizenship.

Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom, and would also be beyond 2019 continue to be a member of the European Union. A crucial question in the negotiations is, as with the delimitation of the North of Ireland in the North of the island of Ireland can be handled. A new, hard limit should be avoided, also to let the Northern Ireland conflict will not flare up again.

In Germany, the number of naturalised British last also in force: 2017 as many as never before requested with 7493 British and a German passport.

it is Unclear whether it is the British Parliament until March-date to succeed, to adopt an exit agreement, or whether a Brexit without a follow-up agreement. This would have resulted in severe consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.

trade Minister speaks of the “50 to 50”-Chance

For such a case, is preparing London to an increasing extent. A BBC report, the British government concluded in the past few months, contracts in the amount of nearly 108 million pounds sterling (approximately 120 million euros) with the ferry companies to avoid bottlenecks at the port of Dover, using the chartered ferries.

Additional ferries on the English channel chartered

However, there are also voices which were engaged with the possibility of a departure of the UK from Brexit. Recently, the British Minister for trade Liam had said Fox in an Interview with the Sunday Times. The British Parliament should reject the Brussels exit agreement in January, are the chances of “50 to 50”, that the Brexit.

the Prime Minister Theresa May had actually, for the 11. December planned vote in mid-January, postponed because of a significant defeat became apparent. You must reckon with the resistance of about a hundred members in their ranks.

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