I Almost had pity with Andreas N. How bad must it be to the poor man that he is rising on new year’s eve in his car, and in foreigners, goes back and again drives? A total of four Times, in Bottrop and Essen. The whole of Germany knows since the reporting on this case: Here was a guy really dirty, unemployed, disadvantaged, spiritually confused.

The new year is only a few days old, but already marked by the discussions of violence: Bottrop, Essen, Amberg, Bremen, Germany. The handling of many politicians and the media so that shows that a Decisive factor in how we classify an act of violence, are less fact and motive, but rather, who committed the fact who are the victims . “Foreigners” are interested in, for example, us primarily as offenders.

case 1: murder-attack in Bottrop and Essen on new year’s eve 2018/2019: , Many media have described as “attack, “Auto-attack”, “Auto-attack” or “amok journey” – the perpetrator was “a German”, his victims were almost only from Syria and Afghanistan. As the motive “tourism has been identified xenophobia”, “hunt for foreigners”, but above all, it went very quickly to his own Constitution that he was “probably mentally ill”.

case 2: Drunken teenagers beat on 29. December in Amberg to passers-by a: , Many media called it “whipping attacks”, “dick Orgy”, “violent excesses”, the perpetrator of four young asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Iran who are the victims: the twelve injured people, apparently arbitrarily chosen. The motive was unknown, the perpetrators knew first and foremost that they were between 17 and 19 years of age and under the influence of alcohol.

In both cases, similar were used words: attack and attack . The subject is only in the first case, known. And it is mega-rad. The goal: ethnic cleansing by murder. Andreas N. is not on any groups of people left, he wanted to kill the “wogs”. Sometimes I have the impression that kanakisierte people understand the motive in such cases is clearer than the Rest of the society.

Actually logical, because the idea of a terrorist: He’s scared, which he should be worried about. And the “Auto-attack” was us – the people who are subsumed stupid in the representation of the events as a “Stranger”. Stupid because Andreas N. is likely to be pretty no matter how long the people in Germany lived, the he delivery.

Therefore, have pointed many people to the right that is not a foreign enemy, but of a racist Offence. But even that is actually too weak: racist Offence sounds more like discrimination in the workplace. But if racists People of Color want to murder, then the terrorist is.

This was an attack on our democracy – the free and democratic basic order. How can it be, then, that in the case of the beating of people should be followed by concrete consequences for tougher deportation rules, but hardly anything happens? How can it be that there is a big debate about racism and its consequences did not materialize? Three years ago, we have discussed due to sexual Assault on new year’s eve for months, and even laws changed. But at the time, the perpetrators were foreigners. So the policy took time to more deportations – the panacea of the German internal policy.

So how now, in the case of Amberg, the the only reason for the nationwide message became, because the perpetrators are Refugees. And first of all no one asked for your mental state. Maybe it wasn’t you. Maybe you were frustrated. Not that that would justify the violence, by any means, but in the case of the car-terrorists, we have the finally, it is also very fast. The only thing we knew in the first days of 2019 over the spanking Clique from Amberg, were age, origin and residence status.

due to a single perpetrator!

The Federal Prosecutor has decided in the case of Bottrop that this is not terrorism and is not their responsibility. Also, the Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer looks similar. This is annoying, because it is pure luck that Andreas N. in Bottrop and Essen, killed no people.

And its message is by no means isolated cases, and only every few years. On average, four Attacks per day Refugees was one of the Federal government in the first half of 2018. In 2017, the authorities of the registered properties 312 of the criminal offences against Asylum, for 2018, the final Figures are not yet available. To October, there were around 100.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.