For those in a Hurry: Here it goes directly to the Quiz.

Who looks back on a year that comes to an end, says often about superlatives – it is also in art. There were scandals? About what people was talking about? What works of art and actions were spectacular, what exhibitions recorded records? The year shrinks to the moments in which the gauge of the attention in the red zone knocking out.

superlatives are fun, even if Some of it remains on the track, which would also deserve attention. Now just pop effects! Finally, the excellent conversation piece for festive dinners and parties at the end of the year.

What is not happening! A Film about a German artist has been nominated for the Oscars in 2019. Christ has again made a XXL-Open-Air sculpture. An art historical Intervention brought an artist to the Shitstorm of the year. The record for the most expensive ever auctioned image of a living artist was broken. And Banksy’s art market-Coup to speak up today.

How well do you know the Highlights of the art year in 2018? Test your Knowledge of the most important persons, works and events!

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