Who likes to eat native fish, could soon get a new way on the plate. In the Bavarian section of the Danube river, the Yellow dragon catfish a few months ago. The up to about 35 centimeters long animal swam fishermen in may 2018 for the first Time into the net.

It was the first known sighting of the fish in Germany, explained to the Zoological state collection of Munich. Since then, fishermen in the Region have already several Hundred specimens of the introduced species between Regensburg and Straubing caught.

As the Yellow dragon of catfish with the scientific names of species Tachysurus fulvidraco in the Danube, is still unclear. He could be the flooding of the river Danube from ornamental or fish ponds out to swim as well as intentionally in the river. Since the eighties, exotic fish in German waters.

The dragon fish eat? – “In principle, nothing speaks against it”

the meat of The Drachenwelses is considered to be tasty. In his homeland, in East Asia, especially in China, it is a commercially important fish. He is bred in ponds. He lands in the future, also on German plates, holds fish watchers, Ulrich Schliewen, therefore, conceivable. “In principle, nothing speaks against it”, the curator of fish at the state Zoological collection.


The Asian catfish eats normally, insect larvae, molluscs and small fish. “Whether the type represents a danger for the native Fauna, can not currently be estimated,” said Schliewen. Again and again it comes to the ecological problems caused by introduced species, if, for example, raccoons threaten rare species or crabs, such as the upper Rhine all the ponds empty eat.

researchers Schliewen is by his own admission, the Yellow dragon catfish is spread over the short or long term. Together with a fisherman, and Amateur biologists Schliewen has published his findings in the Zoological journal “Spixiana”.


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