the capital of France is preparing strict security measures at the turn of the year. On new year’s eve in Paris, about 12,000 police on duty, said police prefect, Michel Delpuech on Monday in an Interview with TV channel LCI. It would add 6000 more forces, including firefighters and first responders. In the whole country and more than 147,000 forces, according to the Ministry of the interior.

The Parisian Boulevard Champs-Élysées, where hundreds of thousands of Revelers, the police again especially intense. Any Person who wants to enter the Boulevard, will advance in a controlled manner, Delpuech. Glass bottles or pyrotechnics are prohibited. On the Boulevard of the year will be celebrated exchange with a fireworks display at the arc de Triomphe.

Otherwise, fireworks, prevails in Paris as every year – and fireworks ban. Also in other European capitals such as Rome or Vienna – and, more recently, also in Parts of the Hanover city centre – private non-geböllert. Berlin struggles with a ban.

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in addition to the in France, the ongoing terrorist threat, the security forces also announced demonstrations of the “yellow West” against the reform policy of the President of France Emmanuel Macron is confronted with. The protest group has announced, among other things, for the new year’s eve celebrations on the Champs-Élysées for a Demonstration.

On Facebook, the talk is of a “festive and non-violent” Protest. Until Monday afternoon, nearly 9000 people have announced on the platform of their participation. In demonstrations of the “yellow West” had there been in the last few weeks in Paris serious violence.


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