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With this speech, read Emmanuel Macron will not get his countrymen of the road. The French President, tried on Tuesday morning to pacify the movement of the Yellow vests. The protesters have now blocked on two weekends to hundreds of thousands of roads and crossings, you have to put shopping centres to a halt and tax authorities occupied. “I understand,” said Macron: “We tell from the end of the world to save the climate; you don’t know what to do at the end of the month to make ends meet.” Alone, the French Liberal had no answer to the new French enfant terrible.

started The demonstrations, as Macrons government announced a tax increase of three cents per litre of petrol and six cents per litre of Diesel. The more expensive a tank of fuel was in the end only the spark that brought the simmering discontent with Macron to Blaze. According to surveys, most of the yellow vests are not even regular car drivers – they feel especially of a President to be neglected, the turns too often to a wealthy Elite, to the founders and the self-employed in the country.

to this time, Macron, not his policy, but the methodology change promised. “Our new environmental Commission will develop in the coming three months, with concrete solutions,” he promised. The panel is to advise the government. Three months are an eternity for people that organize just by the tens of thousands over Facebook and not to tell any camera that you know how to Christmas gifts for your grandchildren, children or sisters buy.

“He has given us nothing,”

The Yellow vests, had gathered on Tuesday in Bars and cafes to listen to Macrons answer. According to their Facebook ideas stated they expected new taxes for the Wealthy, less taxes for the Poor, a higher minimum wage, or free buses and trains for the poor people. Claims without reverberation. Although Macrons announcements were to triple, the number of wind turbines to triple and quintuple the number of solar panels, ecologically certainly true – but his listeners with the high-visibility vests you frustrated once more. Because of this Renewable energy program has already been negotiated for months, and has to do with the protests.

“He gave us nothing,” was then the unanimous opinion on Facebook. Self-Matthieu Orphelin, the Deputy of the government party, was not impressed by the speech: “I’m disappointed. Why do we need a three-month Commission? We know the answers. About to spend money to insulate homes, and affordable Alternatives to the car,” he announced on Twitter.

Macron had tried, first of all, the arguments of the yellow West. He had presented a few days ago solely on the violence of the demonstrators and suspected to be supporters of the conservative Republicans or the right-wing Rassemblement National, he struggled this time to understanding. “Those who live in poorly-insulated houses? Anyone who breathes the cars air polluted? Those are our disadvantaged fellow citizens,” he cried. For the environmental program, including higher gasoline taxes was meant to be.

a movement without a head,

It is felt, as Macron is struggling to find the right response to the movement of the Yellow vests, which was surprising and spontaneous. Demonstrations are organized in France, usually of political parties, trade unions or peasant associations. But this time, there is no head of the movement. Although, in the meantime, eight speakers were chosen in the case of Facebook, but just as many yellow West reject these “self appointed leaders” and organize unabgesprochene actions. The defiant to communicate on Facebook about the next activity or set of roundabouts and junctions, signs to apply to the next Blockade. Safety vests everyone in the car has, belonging to the group is, therefore, easy to.

In the South of France, nice is a couple of pensioners, more than the tax authority, to protest against, in their opinion, higher charges. In other cities, there were nurses, the blocked intersections. And again, the right – wing Rassemblement National – organized former National Front demonstrations. Marion Maréchal, niece of party leader Marine Le Pen and, actually, one and a half years from the policy got out, with delivery on Saturday on the Champs Elysee.

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