The new year had peacefully begun, and the President had given in his TV new year’s speech in front of eleven million French viewers, apparently, all: “I’m at work, I lead every fight,” said Emmanuel Macron. But France is not yet to rest.

How to stand-up, you were the guy on the first weekend of the new year as the Yellow jackets. Those new variety of the protesters, of which you do not know whether tomorrow she will be gone again or the whole of Europe in turmoil added.

they were on Saturday in all of France about 50,000, and more than the weekend before. There was in their actions, riots such as in Paris, in a side street of the Champs-Elysees five cars burned, but also new, peaceful actions such as a women’s-Demo the yellow West, on Sunday at the Bastille.

Long ago, you recognize the yellow West, on every busy road in France on the bottom of the windshield, outspread the yellow safety vest. As before, the Anti-NUCLEAR movement in Germany “nuclear power: no Thank you!”-Sticker on the rear of the car.

“The Yellow jackets are only a minority and in France the majority decides,” said the French Finance and economy Minister Bruno Le Maire during their Sunday brunch in the French television. But nothing changed: there’s talk in the new year more about this yellow minority.

Spectacular was it, as the protesters imports on Saturday with a forklift truck, the high doors of a Paris Ministry in the upscale seventh Arrondissement. A yellow vest on the stick: pedal to the metal with the fork, the green gate of the power reset, and back to full speed on an Institution of which the Minister niedersaß straight to the Interview with the glossy magazine “M” the newspaper “Le Monde”. The Minister had to interrupt. Police officers came to evacuate him under the onslaught from the five yellow in the West””.

forklift destroys the disc of a Bank branch

However, government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux didn’t just go to the gate down, and with the yellow the West can talk to? You would not have been to his personal protection safely in the Majority. But they corrupted later, as they were in the courtyard of the Ministry, the rearview mirror of the parked sedans. She will now pursue justice.

that is not enough: a Little later Griveaux and his colleagues from the forklift truck the use of languages as an “attack on the Republic”. Griveaux was allegorically: “Not I, but the house of France has been attacked”. It should sound very serious, but as is the case with Macrons youthful comrades-in-arms is this: It seemed rather petty and quite offended.

The last Time it had stormed 20 years ago, in February 1999, angry farmers from the Department of the Oise, during a Demonstration in Paris, the office of the Minister for the environment and in the office of flour and peas scattered. The excitement was back in limits.


so Why are the front months so sovereign Macron-Team provoke so easily? It probably has something to do with the Novizentum and the uncertainty of the Ruling. Sometimes it acts as if wanted to protect the President himself. In the new year’s eve, Macron his new year’s address, held, were the country mobilized more than 148,000 are the security forces. This number sounded the Ministry of the interior, as it should deter the yellow vests of other actions during the speech Macrons.

Although in the past year, about 140,000 police officers on new year’s eve were in France, as a precautionary measure against the risk of attacks, as they were after the terrorist attack in Strasbourg in December to fear this year. So that the government can sell this as a terrible normality. Instead, the yellow West wore on Saturday now signs with inscriptions such as “stop the police state”. And in many places the French made fun of that Macron can’t keep up without a large police protection more is a television speech.

More on the topic of “yellow West”protests rejection of a society

Not infrequently, the Macron appears-stock split: On one side are those who recognize, as the President, even in the yellow West is a “hate crowd” filled or as Griveaux as “agitators” denounced. On the other hand, the hiding-places more like Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of state for digitization of his days in the yellow vests in the province and is convinced spend to experience with this movement, “a new historical Moment.”

one of the Verstehern also the Finance and economy Minister: “The French model has failed,” said Bruno Le Maire on Sunday morning. “We have increased in the past, only the government expenditure and the taxes. In contrast, a new call for justice is rising today, everywhere in France. We need to hear.”

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