Rouen, capital of Normandy, in northwestern France, in recent weeks was a centre of the social revolt of the yellow West. Many of the roundabouts in the vicinity of the city, the protesters had tents, huts and barricades built. It is day in, day out, day in and burnt in many places in the old metal, tons of the fire to warm up. Often there were sausages from the Grill and hot coffee.

However, with the protest idyll is over now.

police and gendarmes cleared in the course of the week, consecutively, all of the centrifugal ring to Rouen, and on Saturday – after five weekends with blockades – is to run the traffic back to normal. And the revolutionaries. “We have cleared all the barricades and go only still to a large Demonstration in the centre of Rouen,” said Ingrid Levavasseur, the best-known spokesperson of the yellow West of Normandy, of the MIRROR.

That may run in other cities of France, but the Trend is clear: the revolt of The yellow West is over. Already last weekend, the Paris Ministry of the interior of the country was one of far only 66,000 of these protesters, had previously been demonstrated to four weeks more than 100,000 people. Now it is going to be less, after all, it’s tight at Christmas.

“The movement should make us all use”

This does not mean, however, that the yellow to give up the West You are recognized as a social movement, the lower middle class, in the meantime, of many of Paris and the commentators, Ministers, scientists – many see them as a social profit. “This move should benefit us all something,” wrote Franz-Olivier Giesbert, one of the most influential French leader writer in the magazine “Le Point”. “Monsieur Macron must strive now in the name of national cohesion, to draw the new movement into the bosom of society.” Giesbert and many others see it as a Chance to make the extreme Right-wing Marine Le Pen in the long term, their voters have defected.

should work Like that exactly, but so far no one. The government of President Emmanuel Macron tried it with legislative activism in the Paris national Assembly. Up in the morning to five met on Friday the members to solve last legal problems, so that really at the beginning of the year, the promise of Macrons in the yellow vests can be redeemed. Tens of billions of euros they cost: the premium for the minimum Wage up to the social tax relief for poor pensioners.

back gave way to the government in the last days with their promise but also only a small step, broke immediately, the noise in the social media about you. Just painted measures came within a few hours. “Panic” is sensed, the Paris sheet “Libération” in the government apparatus.

The movement of the connection needs to the political System

The yellow West, the only law. Activist Levavasseur in Normandy, for example, wants to set up a yellow West-list for the European elections. You talking this Saturday morning with the local members of the Macron-party, Bruno Questel, who is also Deputy leader of the government faction in the national Assembly. All of the parties, the Macron ahead, have suddenly an interest to integrate yellow West in their own ranks. The want to but not cheap to buy. At the same time, but their moderate representatives such as levavasseur recognized that the movement of the connection needs to the political System.

While the government offers you is now officially the dialogue, by you want to organize in many of the town halls of the country round-tables with policy, yellow the West, trade unions, Associations and employers. However, this is not done under the direction of the yellow West, the recruit, also a little politicized stratum of society. This is actually your big Plus. No one reached so far.

The magnificent castle remains the same closed

Among them, many Le Pen voters who were not ideologically even on the side of the right-wing extremists, but from the rest of the System simply represents. The same people now fear to be easily buttered, if you place the barricades and in the noble city hall-halls for conversation.

How it goes, will show the next few weeks. First, many of the yellow block West on their road for Christmas celebrations, particularly in the South of France, where it is so cold. Today, a group of protesters wants to also pull in front of the old Royal castle in Versailles. Out of concern before riots, the much-visited buildings remains, therefore, only be closed once.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.