The government in France is trying to relax in the conflict with the protest movement of the yellow West. As the news Agency reported, AFP and several French media, wants to be Prime Minister Édouard Philippe in the next three months in intensive discussions with the activists and previously, “rapid measures” to announce. Minister of culture, Franck Riester said after a Meeting of the heads of government with President and Emmanuel Macron, and other Ministers in the Élyséepalast on Monday evening, they wanted to show a “strong gesture of Opening”.

Thus, the government in Paris responded to the recent escalation of protests against them. Last Saturday, it came to riots, and riots in the middle of the French capital, including the arch of triumph is one of the most important national monuments – has been damaged. Observers spoke of a civil war-like scenes. Radio station RTL reported, the office of the mayor, Anne Hidalgo, meanwhile, damages in the amount of up to four million euros.

Overall, take the protests against the reform policy of the head of state Macron – on the basis of the demonstrations of the yellow West against high fuel prices, taxes and cost of living – now more than two weeks. Next weekend, the movement has once again called for a national day of action. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner wants to prevent similar scenes as those of Paris and convened a meeting for this Tuesday a Meeting with representatives of the police unions in order to advise you about a strategy against violence at the protests.

also for this past Tuesday, the scheduled first Meeting of Premier Philippe with representatives of the yellow West is not reached. The organization had cancelled the call on Monday for security reasons. Two representatives stated that they had been threatened by hard-liners, because they wanted to speak with government representatives. The Delegation of activists that wanted to meet Philippe, is not recognized by all the participants of the movement.

two supporters of the yellow vests because of riots in the Central French town of Le Puy were-en-Velay to met the month-long imprisonment has been sentenced. In the Central French city had been set on Saturday evening on the outskirts of the protests in the Prefecture’s fire.

In a special session next Wednesday to address the Parliament with the protests. During her talks with Premier Philippe, the socialists and other left-wing groups had called for the 1. January, announced Eco-tax on Diesel to suspend and to increase the minimum wage, as well as the pensions of low-wage earners. The right populist Marine Le Pen urged meanwhile, the resolution of the national Assembly and new elections.

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