To the Person Guillaume Quiniuo Ingrid Levavasseur, 31, a nurse. Within a short time, it has become a word leader of the Yellow jackets. In talk shows and the social networks she believes very strongly in their positions, meanwhile the mother of two for a new list for the European elections in may, is in the conversation. So far, Levavasseur is involved in addition to your Job for the national movement.

MIRROR ONLINE: President Emmanuel Macron is proposing a major national debate on the issues of the yellow West. After the week-long protests he speaks of the “second act” of his government’s time and implies a social turn. Changed the yellow West-movement of the French policy, already?

Levavasseur: For me has not changed Macron to his direction. Its goals have remained the same. No matter what we ask, he will always hold on to his original ideas. We should under no illusions.

MIRROR ONLINE: , One of his Ministers in the great public debate that begins today and until March last, a Chance to change the whole country. What are the chances of this from your point of view?

Levavasseur: to be honest, Macron at this point is very disingenuous. He is to our movement is arrogant and disregarded her. The great debate, of which he now speaks, is, in truth, no debate. Instead, you will hold a speech after the other. The first debate with Macron will take place tomorrow in my Department of Eure in Normandy. Are invited 700 mayors from our area, most from small communities. But, as 701 people want to discuss?

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MIRROR ONLINE: In many town halls, citizens are called today, their Concerns and claims in the complaint books to be entered. This goes back to an old custom during the French Revolution. Also not a good idea?

Levavasseur: , There are around 36,000 municipalities in France, only 5000 of them, the complaint books are available. But now the debate begins. How are we to obtain within a few days and weeks, the large number of complaints and seriously evaluate? This is simply impossible.

MIRROR ONLINE: they are part of a national co-ordination of the yellow West, which is trying to combine the demands of the movement. Succeed?

Levavasseur: We are at the very beginning. A new Internet platform will collect all the complaints, and we will try to classify them: for example, under the domains of labour law or social Affairs. Later on, we can derive proposals and demands.

MIRROR ONLINE: As their most important demands are?

Levavasseur: I’m for tax cuts for basic foods. For example, the VAT for milk should be reduced to a Minimum. In the diet, it really is about basic needs.


MIRROR ONLINE: you have just signed a Yellow vest calling for the increase of salaries in the nursing profession. Why?

Levavasseur: If the President is now in a position to increase the salaries of the police officers, he would have to be ready to those who help others in everyday life, to pay more. I am a nurse. Our professions are ungrateful, hard, with few opportunities for advancement. We are constantly faced with the Suffering of the people and are paid very poorly.

MIRROR ONLINE: Which professions are for the yellow West-motion of representative?

Levavasseur: we have many service providers, bakers, cashiers of supermarkets, the city hall employees. But also workers, mechanics.

MIRROR ONLINE: many state employees Are there?

Levavasseur: Clear, their salaries are frozen for eight years. Although there are occasional allowances, for example in the weekend or night service. But the allowances are not counted for the pension. With the result that many of us work your life hard, to end up with a minimum pension.

MIRROR ONLINE: Of Paris Economist Elie Cohen speak of their movement as a “Revolution of the middle class”. They see themselves as part of a Revolution?

Levavasseur: of Course, we are in the midst of a Revolution! We no longer want to hide. We are on the way to change things in this country. There will be a Before and After of the yellow West. Nothing will be as before.

MIRROR ONLINE: do not Speak to you only there for yourself?

Levavasseur: no. Even if we are not on the road, not so many we are faced with large support in the population. The French are known to rant a lot, to be content with little, to rant to after a short time again. That’s exactly where we are today: The French have grumbled a bit, and now scold you again. Right, because in reality we have achieved nothing yet.

MIRROR ONLINE: Where’s this going?

Levavasseur: I don’t know it. Who’s going to help us? Certainly not the unions. We need to exert ourselves now, really, to be a force of our own suggestions.

MIRROR ONLINE: How can organize the yellow West in the future?

Levavasseur: First of all, we must be in agreement. Perhaps we are then a party that gets a lot of feed.

MIRROR ONLINE: , such As Macron? He was the last that founded a new party.

Levavasseur: Yes, why so similar?! I would do everything different than he is.

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