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Audrey Orsini, 35 years, nurse

read “It was time for the Yellow jackets. The people no longer belongs to the top. The current Protest is for years, if not decades, due. Macron is the President of the Rich, he has announced long before with his program. No idea why him so was cheers, this man is a former Banker and not a do-gooder. Macrons government has no idea of our daily misery. Now they have suspended the gasoline tax, but we want all taxes to be more equitable. Why not the Car tax drastically for this thick sleigh?

Audrey Orsini © Annika Joeres

As a self-employed nurse, I work a lot and even on weekends. But I’m just so on the round, can nothing for my certainly low pension set aside. Since 2012, the hourly wage has not been raised by the health insurance. Six years in which the politician will always earn more. I wish they would make a week at my Job. Then you know where France is in the medicine could really save on: for example, in the case of the drug packs, the always get far too many pills or injections for the patient. What do I have to throw out there, is worth a fortune. But the pharmaceutical industry defends itself successfully against tailor-made doses, and thus, is saved to the nurses and nurses. If the lobbies would not be as strong, we would have to distribute a lot of money in health care. Listen to us, then you know where money can come from! Instead, it is driven always stump people, and the group heads to laugh her head off.

I’d like to protest on Saturday, but I have a two year old son. Because now is always a few troublemakers to demonstrate with, is to me too dangerous with him. So I have to vest at least my Yellow on the passenger seat.”

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.