With high security measures, the police is preparing in Paris for the weekend of planned demonstrations against high fuel prices and against the French President, Emmanuel Macron. In the centre of the French capital, many areas of security had been established, in which no protests were allowed, said the chief of police, Michel Delpuech.

the area around the Elysee Palace and the Place de la Concorde to the Champs-Élysées. Nevertheless, it was on Facebook several calls to demonstrate right here.

thousands of demonstrators are Expected. You almost 5,000 police officers are, according to the station France Info. Since days there are security concerns because of the fragmentation of the movement of the Yellow West, named after the high-visibility vests in the car, the actions has not logged in properly. Therefore, it is largely unclear where the protesters are everywhere gather.

On Friday evening, had apparently triggered a supporter of the Yellow West, in the Western French town of Angers. Representatives of the authorities warned that there was great danger, because of the with a yellow vest held and later arrested a 45-Year-old wearing explosives with a detonating device around the neck. Only after several hours of negotiations he had. With his action he wanted to Meet the Yellow jackets with Macron at the Elysee Palace, the force said.

For almost a week, the Yellow vests up blockades throughout the country. Two people have died so far due to the actions. According to interior Minister Christophe Castaner were injured up to the Friday of 136 police officers, and more than 600 civilians. Behind the Yellow West is not a party or trade Union, the movement emerged in the social networks. The critics protest against high fuel prices, but also against President Macron, whose price you perceive as a politics for the Rich.

Difficult security situation

The interior Ministry had on Thursday, the green plant next to the Eiffel tower, Champ de Mars, as a safe place for the Demonstration. According to the will of the authorities, the people should assemble there on Saturday. The right populist Marine Le Pen criticized that the movement will act on the giant green plant small.

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