The old woman freezes obviously. But her anger about the unfair conditions is greater than the desire to go into the Warm. “We are constantly being told that all of us in Germany as well. But why many don’t even notice?”, the 67-asks-year-old. Each Cup of coffee with Girlfriends would you absparen, with their “Mini-pension of much less than 1000 euros”.

guilt, she says, are the high Rents. It must change something: “The Malcontents are finally about to go on the road.” The French “yellow West” had shown that they could achieve something. Therefore, the Augsburg-based activist of the Left group head Sahra wagenknecht-initiated collection is to get Up movement “” this Saturday all the way to Munich come – of course in the yellow vest.

An Alliance of “get Up Munich” and of the French movement “La France insoumise – Munich” had called for “first yellow West-rally in Germany” in front of the national theatre. At noon, the organizers counted about 200 participants, the police spoke at the end of a hundred protesters. “Vive la revolution” had written several of them on their vests. Some pan red-and-white “Stand up”-flags, Germany and France on two flags.

Many of the Come to live in difficult financial circumstances. Since about Bastian Plowman: the age of 32, he’s due to illness, early retired. “Would be Sick with a Bank, you would have saved you a long time ago – to get Up,” reads the banner that he holds in his Hand.

“get Up,”activist Bastian tiller

There were great abuses, says the man who contributes instead of a high-visibility jacket, a yellow jacket. A 62-year-old unemployed friend laments: “The Rich are getting richer”. A lot of simple people on the Isar river could no longer afford their city long ago.

But also a lot of Munich from the middle class are likely to with a large part of the demands of the Bavarian yellow West: the eradication of homelessness, capping the Rent sympathize, “the conclusion with the rent of speculation”, or higher taxes for corporations and a minimum pension of 1200 euros, about the organizations as a protest goals. But why only so few people came? Finally, about 10,000 of Munich, demonstrated only three months ago, according to strong against luxury renovations, or rising Rents.

“the French yellow vests started small,” says Christian Long, one of the leaders of the “get Up Munich”, the woman feed. Car servant movement plans according to in the coming weeks there will be more yellow West-rallies in other major cities such as Hamburg, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf. “We have set the Signal,” says Long. Wagenknecht was for a request is not reachable.

co-organizer, Christian Long

The Mainz political scientist Gerd Mielke does not believe, however, that it will “Stand up” in this country currently, it is possible to ignite a social uprising like the one in the neighbouring country. “The Germans are only in very large emergencies to such an intense and ongoing protests, as well in France.” This has also historical reasons. Between Berchtesgaden and Flensburg such civil revolts had gone “almost always in the pants”.

some potential for such protest movements was, however, believes Mielke. If, however, one of the Wagenknecht-initiated movement, doubted the Professor. The movement have problems with mobilization.

the representatives of The Stand up refer to your high Supporter count. About 167,000 people have registered since it was founded in September by a click of the mouse, and numerous local groups. Came to public events, not more than a few Hundred interested in the rule, however. “The more people join, but engage only a few do,” says a senior Left politician. Even after three months of getting Up would not have the power of the car servant, she shows how, now in Munich.

in the long term, the chances of success for the movement to be small, says Berlin sociologist Dieter Rucht. The influx of supporters is expected to stagnate. He identifies a number of problems such as the formation of the top and the focus on Wagenknecht, as well as the lack of restraint among the Left. Mielke argues, moreover, that the French yellow West-movement had the support of many trade unionists: “In Germany, they are still more cooperative than confrontational.”

rally in the city centre of Munich

unlike in France or the Bavarian protests in the summer of unionists arrived in Munich on Saturday. It is possible that this was due to an invitation Flyer for the Yellow jackets. There it is: The limit of what is Reasonable is exceeded. “At the same time mould the political and economic elites rulers to lucrative Jobs and Positions.” And further: “Many trade Union bosses have taken bribes and betray the base.” A leading Left politician, says: “The social movement is correct, but populist criticism, and then also to our Alliance partners, is just stupid.”

Many Left-members of the Munich Demo were absent. Bavaria party chief Ates gürpınar criticized: the demand for a better rental or maintenance policy “to give the necessary pressure, would be a broad spectrum of fundamental”.

“Several of the city’s well-known Nazis”

Also shows another Problem in Munich. So as sometimes in France have mixed at least a handful of Right-wing among the audience. A commitment on his hat to the “third way”, a collection basin of the extreme Right.

However, the organizers had from the beginning of all the possible aspirations of the extreme Right, the event to Hiking, sharp, distant. Three protesters, who were classified according to the organization team, “the right of the spectrum”, were asked to leave the rally.

used As one of the many speakers on the stage, however, the term “lying press” that he could speak undisturbed – was later even loud applause. Co-organizer Long says on demand, however: “such A choice of words, we reject outright.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.