On Sunday morning, again in yellow vests on the world-famous Parisian Arc de Triomphe to see. This time, however, they belong to the working clothes of the city cleaning, which does not comply with the order to remove the Graffiti that were sprayed on Saturday at the national Monument. While that Statue, which is as a fighting Marianne the soul of the triumphal arch appears on all screens of plaster cast: One eye is missing. The yellow West have taken.

eleven o’clock, then also the President of the Place Charles-de-Gaulle, freshly returned from the G20 Meeting is hitting a. Accompanied by the Minister of the interior, Christophe Castaner Emmanuel Macron bow before the flame of the unknown soldier. It has today all over the hand, starting with a crisis meeting at the Élysée around lunch time.

Tags previously had demonstrated tens of thousands in the whole of France and intersections blocked. And as it seems, not only made the most of the usual rioters the opportunity to make cities unsafe. The people’s anger erupted, not least, toll stations and speed traps, which are understood as symbols of a state of the cashed anywhere, the Disadvantaged of the country, but leaves to themselves. The press does not write of 412 arrests, the number of injured is still to be determined, a man living in danger. The police used hard rubber bullets. The influence of police rich trade unions calls for the proclamation of a state of emergency.

And Macron, which seemed to be nothing to stop, is at once literally in front of the shambles of its politics. It’s a question of whether he has realized it. His close Confidant Benjamin Griveaux, the government spokesman, said on Sunday morning: “We will not change our course, the course is good.”

Paris let you down

This is, in some ways, even properly. Is it satisfied with Macron and his team, the majority of the French people on the journey to take. That the majority chose the President only to prevent the right-wing Marine Le Pen, seems to have the Élysée Palace forgotten. And not only that: The whole history of France teaches us that no Regime can ignore the provinces of France.

“province”, that sounds disrespectful, even in France, it is meant that way sometimes. But only if you live in Paris. In the highly centralized country, the defiant Pride of the people of the capital like a distant Regent exists to collect taxes and otherwise, to little profit exists since ever. You may be farm workers or the notary, as a cleaning woman or as a teacher to Paris commute, but over all the class boundaries, you know: Paris is letting us down.

Although the contrast between metropolis and province is not a French specialty, but he is rarely so pronounced as in the Land that invented the modern absolutism, the revolutionary centralism and the pyramidal Republic. The pomp of globalised capital, finds its contrast in the Ghettos of its suburbs, but also in the dreary small towns of the rural areas. Where there is no Baker more, where in search of food without a car is almost impossible.

So, the reality, the Macron is an energy and transport policy prescribed, the just, those family is not taken into account, the addressed in your old Diesel, the long way to work, to the Mall, to school. The is allowed to drive only 80 km/h, even where a clear view is. The Macron is a grant for the purchase of an expensive electric cars. Because anger comes up.

you only see the violence

This is the anger of the unorganized people. Against Macron trade unions and other interest groups have demonstrated, however, that was not a Problem, you could discuss, negotiate, find compromises. Dangerous folk is anger, if there is no organization formed him. In the history of France, he flickered again and again, more than once per century, and that since the pre-revolutionary era, the late middle ages. An experience that has stayed with the people’s awareness to receive, will be passed on in stories, songs and images. Woe to the one who ignored you!

Ignorant is to nest the response of the Macro. You only see the violence. See the Attempts by extremists to surf on the movement of the yellow West. Only the present, not looking into the hearts of the people, the block also on today’s Sunday morning back roads. For the upcoming Saturday are also planned actions, and again, you want to travel to Paris. What people have to day-to-day computing, as long as you have enough money this month, is no small thing.

Maybe Macron dismisses the Minister of the interior. Maybe he’s getting it done, the failings of his policy, to correct you may, even. This would, however, be a demanding undertaking. Sustainable environmental policy, and Reform of the excessive and inefficient state apparatus, as well as a pension policy, the final power with the thicket of outdated privileges, and an end to the privileges of the French state, caste, instead, a policy that arrives in the of globalization, abandoned cities? Emmanuel Macron would be to want the insight and the power to in this direction reversed.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at jumphigher55@aol.com or 82-2-6956-6698.