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read A subversive time is announced. French teachers were going to strike next Monday. School classes block a motorway in the South of France. A town hall is set on fire. The powerful farmers Union threatens with tractor blockades. Yellow the West, from the Prime Minister to invite, is threatened with murder: France is in a state of emergency, most recently in 1995, when a General strike of three weeks, schools and Railways to a standstill.

had decided Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday morning, for six months the law about three cents higher gasoline taxes be suspended. In addition, the stricter rules for the car MOT should be stopped for the time being, so that citizens can travel with old cars. That Macron decided to make two announced legislation to reverse, shows that The President is aware of the seriousness of the situation. Tenir le cap – the direction of maintain – is one of his favorite phrases. But now he had understood that after the third weekend, with more than a hundred thousand demonstrators, with 500 arrests, four dead, dozens of burning cars and blockades on highways, the urgent need for a peace offer on the table.

However, For Macron, it is a great gesture for the yellow West a small. “No tax may jeopardize the unity of the country,” said his Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe. But it is no longer the issue of higher petrol prices, which are ecologically correct. The Surprising thing about the yellow West is that you have to drive according to polls, even below average lot of car and the petrol already today, not more of the content devouring than 20 years ago. Therefore, the offers will not be sufficient to motorists, to appease their anger.

yellow West call for a complete change of policy

The protests have become independent. In the meantime, more study places, retirees are calling for a-level students inside a higher pension, Low income, a wealth tax for millionaires, eco-conscious free buses. It is the revenge of the Disappointed.

One protester said directly to Édouard Philippe’s announcement that the planned increase in the environmental tax, as well as the electricity and gas prices, suspend. José Espinosa from Montreuil said Tuesday afternoon interview in the TV: “We don’t need the mini steps. We need 2,000 Euro minimum wage (instead of the currently 1.470 Euro per month). And for the environment, we need a wealth tax.” Espinosa suggests, why are the protesters likely to continue on the street: they demand nothing less than a complete change of policy. “We don’t need to see that our country is in jeopardy: The disappointment of our people, prepares the ground for totalitarian systems,” wrote the philosopher Valérie Charolles in Le Monde. Many French Thinkers and political scientists are highly alarmed.

the President of Macron has always delighted the press and the people in other European countries – probably because he is a follower of the more rule of law, and is rightly considered politicians of the future for a common, progressive Europe. In the domestic but can warm up only a few for him. Macron got in the first ballot in 2017, just under one of every four voters – citizens – his voice. The house of high victory against Marine Le Pen in the second ballot, was a very bad Performance of Le Pen in a speech to a duel, and the fear of the extreme right-wing party owed. There was no sympathy for his program.

As an economic liberal, he was the first to Amtstat taxes for the Wealthy and on capital gains was reduced, and in an interview with the Wirtschaftsblatt Financial Times group-arm advertised. Macron believed to get its signals to corporations and industries, the recovery in France. His deep Conviction is that If it runs at the top of the society, also have the Poorest. The former Banker has formulated its motto: “First on The rope pulls out all the others.”

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