at the end of October was held in Grenoble a Demonstration in which the participants wore yellow safety vests. There were about a hundred cyclists, who have demonstrated against hunters. In the days before, there had been a hunting accident. On Sundays, at least, should not be hunted in the forest, so your call. They wore high-visibility vests, but part of the movement of the “gilets jaunes” they were not. No one knew six weeks ago this term in a political context.

Today the whole world knows him. The movement has changed France, Europe, fascinated, and still you can’t figure it out. As quickly as the phenomenon in our consciousness moved, suddenly all of the media-dominated, for so long and quietly it was announced.

at the beginning of the Nineties, took the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, with some doctoral students on excursions in the province. They met all of the desperate unemployed, the overworked officials and women from the Post on night shift. They visited new areas in which unfortunate small families had to find that you sold them, in particular, the credit, the house, however, was a cheap product full of defects.

France was expanding, but the people lived isolated, without the Bus or tram, public service institutions have been rationalized. The pay was modest and the recognition. From such stories, The misery of the world” – was “a collection of portraits from the hopeless France, the camera comes differed little from the, what to complain about today, the men and women in yellow vest, though.

Emmanuel Macron

But so many destinies, a movement? The expression of despair is politically? Macron’s fault? Or you have to look more closely?

It started with the car. The increase of Diesel by almost a quarter over one year from the corded people, the air. Mobility is pretty much the Only thing you have left. If one is in France, unemployed, stay there for a long time. The Church and the army took earlier every, and even if one welcomes the Erosion – nothing came in their place, for those not very educated, not very rich and not particularly ambitious. Want to enjoy life and look where respect, recognition and support.

The residential district, the village and the environment were traditionally important, but also the provinces suffered from what the writer Marc Weitzmann calls a “sadistic urbanism”: renames, area reforms, and isolated commercial areas – and one hell of settlements, even in the country.

The car was to participate in for many the only opportunity in the company. The citizen was reduced to its role as a traffic participant must still make concessions, it was too much.


It was for two reasons, a Protest against Macron: Once because he had raised many hopes, his campaign book was called “Revolution” – but to the tribulation of the people, nothing changed. And second, because the nation-state is inviting you with Pomp and palaces now time to focus all the frustration against the tip. The Élysée Palace is the national lightning rod. There was a wave of Flu, would turn to France at some point to the President, so he does what.

The special this Time is that there is no one else there. A lot of right-wing forces have made the movement of the “gilets jaunes” wide, other populists. But the respective parties have drawn no profit. The protesters are not drawn to the trade unions, associations or opposition parties, to organize help. Only the mayor will still be accepted.

This lack of a democratic game and a matching team created spaces that were used by the anarchists, looters and Sectarians. The social networks produced the usual nonsense, some of the politicians of the Conservatives tried to draw the anger and the UN-migration Pact.

Infinite send-time

The “gilets jaunes” are the perfect media phenomenon: You can interpret into something revolution folklore, at will personalize and a lot of malice against Macron spread. A failed Star, the people read like. But these interpretations of the fundamental, Yes intimate Dimension of despair in France, misjudge. She no longer has to do with the realization that the national state can do much, but Europe is still long enough to encourage ordinary citizens.

it can also be a media’s criticism: an Infinite amount of transmission time for the French television, politicians ‘ grants, which have proved to be of little relevance. Also, the catch-up correction to the macro policy through deselected socialists or Gaullists weary of the audience. It launched the reputation of the people for a return of Nicolas Sarkozy, the Comeback, rumors of François Hollande, not to illustrate only one thing: that it goes on like business as usual.

you Want to take the “gilets jaunes” seriously, is to rebuild the whole country and Europe. It is a rejection of a society in which either financial capital or education choose the capital over the value of people. Sure, it goes to the account balance at the end of the month, but also to the concomitant Dignity as citizens. A task in connection with the revival of the Public, the democratization of the provinces and of Europe. After the decades of the primacy of the Economy, it is clear that the political role of the Individual in their life is important for a Republic, for an open society.

protests in France Who is behind the “yellow West”?

Each medium-sized company knows that its employees are its capital, it is a phrase, each company party, and you are right. In Europe, however, citizens seem to suspect to, how rusty barrels in the back of the yard: The States should take care of it, or rather no one. The “gilets jaunes” can be proud of the Macron promised ten billion, it is money well spent.

your message remains the same: We are caught between an ineffective, folkloric national policy, which is constantly on the television, but to little effect – and a distant, non-sovereign Europe. So it goes no further.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.