at the beginning of the peace talks for Yemen was agreed between the warring parties according to Reports on a prisoner exchange. At least 5,000 prisoners are to come, according to the International Committee of the Red cross. The Organisation declared itself ready to help.

We have agreed at the talks in Sweden, prisoners, detainees, Missing, forcibly Detained and persons under house arrest exchange, said the UN special envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths. Thousands of families could be United again. Griffiths spoke of a hope and a prelude to the talks.

Currently, representatives of the Yemeni government and the Houthi rebels are meeting after three years of civil war in a village close to Stockholm. In September, at the UN headquarters in Geneva scheduled Meeting was failed because representatives of the rebels were not published.

Griffiths said both sides had signaled in calls in the past few weeks, you want to make a serious effort to de-escalate the fighting. He strove for a cautious optimism: “During the coming days we will have a unique opportunity to bring the peace process forward,” said the UN special representative in the presence of the delegates of both warring parties. “I don’t want to show myself to be confident, but I want to be ambitious,” he said.

long-term goal of the talks under the Aegis of the United Nations for an end to the civil war. At the Moment, but it is still not far-reaching peace negotiations, but “consultations,” said Griffiths. These were after almost four years of war, is to “build trust” and curb the violence.

Yemen peace talks in Sweden, The parties to the conflict meet for the first Time after three years, to talk about an end to the war. In Yemen, 85,000 children since 2015 died. © Photo: AFP/ proxy war of Saudi Arabia against Iran

The warring parties are not in Sweden, however, expected to directly with each other. Instead, indirect talks through intermediaries are planned. In Yemen, the internationally-recognized government is fighting with the support of Saudi Arabia and the United States against the Houthi rebels, which are in turn supported by Iran.

Griffiths, called on the parties to the conflict, to send the conference a message of peace. He wants to talk about a number of points of dispute, the two sides are important. In addition to the exchange of prisoners, the release of money to the Central Bank, state employees pay, to a possible Transfer of the port city of Hudaida to the UN and Opening of the airport of Sana’a for relief supplies.

millions of Starving and Displaced persons

The civil war in Yemen has the most serious humanitarian crisis in the world. The food supply is in many places broken. More than eight million people suffer from Hunger, according to the UN, 14 million are threatened. More than two million have been displaced in the civil war from their home. At least 10,000 people were killed; experts estimate the death toll much higher.

The organization Doctors without borders called on all warring parties to alleviate the suffering of the population. In addition, the protection of hospitals and health personnel had to be ensured: “money alone is not enough,” said Jana Brandt, the mitkoordiniert of Berlin from projects in Yemen. Often the Wounded would be arriving late in clinics, so they could not be saved.

The world food programme announced that its food deliveries in the country to significantly expand. The number of aid recipients should be increased until January, at twelve millions of seven to eight million, a spokesman said.

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