The AfD, in the affair to right-wing radicals in their youth organization, the consequences and called on the Young Alternative (JA), to separate themselves from controversial members. Literally, it said in a statement that the party’s Executive Board: “With loathing of the Federal Executive of the Alternative for Germany man Enver takes eight individual statements by members of the young Alternative (JA). He expects the YES, that separates you immediately from these members.”

The statement was released by the AfD to a telephone conference meeting of the Federal Executive Board. The party leadership also announced a “current situation report” by the Board of Directors used the party’s internal “working group on the protection of the Constitution”, which will also be in a special session of the Federal Executive Board on the Situation in the YES advice.

AfD examines spin-off from the JA

Apparently there is in the party’s Executive Committee also plans a separation of the youth organization. It is said in the message that the party Convention will have to consider an appropriate Amendment to the party Statute, this step prepare. To Section 17a of the Federal Statute, which States: “The Young Alternative for Germany (YES) is the official youth organization of the Alternative for Germany.”

The final decision is the responsibility of the party Convention, but a Federal party. So far there is no date for such a conference of delegates.

According to information from the Executive Board circles prevailed in the party leadership was broad Agreement that action must be taken. On the best approach there is, however, different views. “The question is whether we are a single country to solve, associations, or parts of them selectively or completely abgliedern,” said the party Chairman Jörg Meuthen TIME ONLINE. Finally, there are “a number of country associations, in which, to the best of our knowledge, there is no reason for Abgliederung stand,” he said. The party Executive wants to examine, therefore, first, “whether a Abgliederung the entire YES or not”.

“remuneration to right-wing extremists”

Background of the decision racist Comments as well as published fantasies of Violence in Internet forums of the party’s youth, according to the. As a result of YES had decided-Federal Executive Board already at the beginning of November, the resolution of the regional Association of lower Saxony. He was responding to a since September, ongoing observation by the lower Saxon protection of the Constitution.

the YES-associations in Baden-Württemberg and Bremen are observed by the respective country offices. The protection of the Constitution in Stuttgart, had declared that there were “covers the point, YES the BW to right-wing extremists, the common anti-constitutional political goals”.

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