The youth organisation of the AfD in the state of Baden-Württemberg is observed since November of 2018 by the national office for the protection of the Constitution. For the Young Alternative (JA), Baden-Württemberg, the actual continued existence of points of efforts against the free democratic basic order, according to the Department, in Stuttgart. Previously, Newspapers reported locally.

writings, Statements and positions of officials and divisions of the youth organization were not with the essential constitutional principles, and in particular with the concretized in the basic law human rights, said the protection of the Constitution. “Also, are there references indicate that the YES BW to right-wing extremists, the common anti-constitutional political goals.”

the Chairman of The announced in Baden-Württemberg, Moritz Brodbeck, in response to the observation of his resignation. He and four other state Board members would take office, and the YES exit, said Brodbeck.

“this is the Only logical consequence”

The observation was the “unfortunate, but ultimately only the logical consequence of continued misconduct, a significant part of the baden-württemberg YES-members,” he said. Those members could not decide between the YES and the protection of the Constitution observed Identitarian movement (IB) and human Overlap of the two organizations.

In lower Saxony and Bremen the AfD-young organization has been observed already. The Young Alternative has dissolved the country’s Association of lower Saxony. Also an observation of the AfD as the entire party is currently being considered. The interior Ministers of several countries have called for already.

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