The streaming platform Twitch is mainly for the Transfers of video games. Last December, however, the users were able to follow a slightly different Livestream. Jeff Kaplan, Vice President of game studios, Blizzard and Game Director of the online shooter “Overwatch”, sat silently in a chair in front of a crackling fire. Ten hours long. Up to 40,000 people looked on him the same time.

Kaplan is in good company. Fireplace fire videos, there are, among other things, by the actor Nick Offerman, the Influencer-cat Lil Bub and the Reality-TV-Stars Property Brothers. The so-called Yule-Log-video, an Internet phenomenon: hundreds of thousands of Clips there are on YouTube alone, and fire today, not only as a Christmas program, rather than advertising, as a Meme, as a work of art, or even as a political Statement staged.

Yule Logs have a long Tradition. The in Jul or Christian Klotz well-known custom is actually refers to the Burning of a consecrated die at Christmas. Since 1966, the term is also more generally for festive shots of a fireplace fire. At that time, the chief of the New York television station WPIX decided to replace the planned program of Christmas eve in favor of a three-hour recording of a fireplace. So he wanted to make all of those families a gift that had a Christmas no own fire.

since then, as a “Yule Log” TV program that originally showed the chimney of the former New York mayor John Lindsay, was a success. Although WPIX to lose advertising revenue in Prime Time, it ran from 1966, every year on Christmas eve, before it was discontinued in 1989, under the protests of the spectators. In 2001, WPIX took it back to the program. In 2016, an archivist accidentally discovered the lost well the original recording, the TV channel then to 50. Anniversary of the original showed.

chimney fire on YouTube finds millions of

Who now has a real fireplace in the living room and on the feast days do not want to miss out on the pleasantly crackling fire, the clicking on YouTube recordings in all sorts of resolutions and variations. Only the channel “Virtual Fireplace” has around 100 Videos and 100,000 subscribers. It is also available in 4K resolution, with or without music, with animals, with people and as the animated Version. Also on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, there are long programs with names like “Fireplace for Your Home”.

in the Meantime have also discovered companies the Genre. The Fast-Food chain, Jimmy Dean is eleven hours long sausages sizzle, and in the Video of the greeting cards manufacturer Hallmark, a dog and a cat snooze. For the game “Dead Man Microsoft produced Rising” a Yule Log Video, in which the Protagonist throws the arms and legs shot, which shall be the Zombies in the fireplace.

“I always thought that these Videos can well market” – quoted by the online magazine “Adweek” the marketing experts Petur Workman, “it wouldn’t have to be so obvious, a Logo on the mantel would be enough. Digital Yule Logs are brilliant and you have not yet fully exploited their potential.”

Yule Logs to meet the Pop and net culture

Even more brilliant it will be when Yule meeting Logs on the network and pop culture. With the success of the Format is absurd, and ironic versions were not long in waiting. 1.8 million YouTube views has the Video, which utilizes the funeral of Anakin Skywalker alias Darth Vader at the end of “return of the Jedi”. What will it take in the Original just a few seconds, spread out in the Yule-Log version on for five hours, in which Vader’s helmet in the fire. A similar concept is also available with Chucky, the killer doll, the tent, seven hours before hatching.

Such remixes are also part of the mechanisms of network culture as Memes, which take up the Yule Logs, for example, in animated Gifs with Kermit the frog, or in “Minecraft”adaptations.

The Trumpster-Fire blazes

Even political Yule Logs. In 2016, the year of Donald trump’s victory in the US presidential election, sparked a Agency “Holiday Trumpster Fire”. The word game refers to a “dumpster fire”, burning garbage containers: To burn contemplative music on a loop, a Container on which the word “Trump”. Even more significant a Yule-Log-Video, the “The Daily Show” published in the same year, and in the hours of the U.S. Constitution in front of kokelt. And last week, a Video with the title of “Donald Trump’s Pant on Fire appeared on the YouTube channel of the Late-Night Talkers Stephen Colbert” – an allusion to the nursery rhyme “liar, liar, pants on fire”: An hour-long pants is burned, while at the bottom of the screen to the lies of Donald trump’s lists.

With so many forms, it is not surprising that the number of queries rises to the “yule logs” on Google since the beginning of December. The relaxing fireplace fire now belongs to Christmas like the tree and the presents. Thanks to the Internet, nobody has to do without it. Who’re still looking for the right backdrop for the holidays, will be determined in this Text a find. It doesn’t have to be ten hours with Blizzard-Chef Jeff Kaplan.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.