South Korean startup Zackdang Company’s beauty video application, named Zamface, has attracted more than 1 million users in just four months. Photo Courtesy of Zackdang Company

Korea’s beauty video app makes splash across the board

South Korean startup Zackdang Company announced on Jan. 19 that its beauty video application, dubbed Zamface, attracted more than 1 million users in just four months.

Last September, the Seoul-based outfit introduced the mobile app, a beauty video curation service provided on the back of artificial intelligence-powered makeup skills.

Zamface enables people to pick a streamer who offers tailor-made beauty tips. Behind the new-concept solutions are face recognition and AI technologies.

Toward that end, Zamface classifies users’ “personal color” into four basic types _ Spring Warm, Summer Cool, Autumn Warm, and Winter Cool _ based on their skin tone and facial contours.

More specifically, the “personal color” is divided into a total of 16 sub-categories like Spring Warm Light, Summer Cool Mute, Autumn Warm Deep, and Winter Cool True.

Zamface comes up with the “personal color” by analyzing the users’ selfies and recommends a different list of products for each type, the solutions that have won the hearts and minds of youngsters called the Generation MZ here.

The Generation MZ is South Korea’s unique term referring to millennials and Generation Z, who were born between 1980 and 1995.

“Out of 1 million users, we learned that up to 22.8 percent’s personal color was Autumn Warm True followed by Summer Cool True with 18.4 percent and Spring Warm True with 18.2 percent,” Zackdang Company CEO Yoon Jung-ha said.

The founding CEO said that the company would continue to put forth efforts to become the  business bellwether in the emerging AI-powered beauty market.

“We strive to become the foremost beauty curation platform. To this end, we will streamline our services so that people would tap into our services whenever they want to know anything about beauty,” Yoon said.