The ZDF says a concert with the Band Fine cream fish fillet in Dessau. Before the Foundation of the Bauhaus, which had to take place, where the event, of your house right used made and the concert compared to the ZDF.

The station had invited the punk rocker to singer Jan Gorkow for the beginning of November in a live music series, at the national and international musicians on the occasion of the 100. Bauhaus anniversary should occur on the historical stage. AfD and CDU practiced violent criticism at the concert, because the Rostock Band was occasionally observed from the land the protection of the Constitution in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

“it’s No place for Agitation and Aggression”

“is The invitation of the Band is difficult to not be tracked,” said the spokesman for the government of Saxony-Anhalt, Matthias Schuppe. Clearly the AfD in the Bundestag Deputy Andreas Mrosek was: “It is a scandal that forced dues-funded, and the balance to principal public broadcasters, offering a left-wing extremist Band such a Forum.”

After the public criticism, the Bauhaus Dessau has said the ZDF, the appearance of the Band in writing. “The ZDF is taking this decision with Regret,” from the transmitter. You search now for an alternative venue.

According to the MIRROR, the Bauhaus has sent on Wednesday a letter to the TV station and asked to stop the concert. The ZDF wanted to hold on to the planning, however, up to now, the Bauhaus of his house right made use. It acts as a landlord for the ZDF. Board of Trustees Chairman of the CDU politician Rainer Robra, head of the state Chancellery and Minister for culture of Saxony-Anhalt.

As a result, the culture device called the mobilization of radical Right-wing, which has caused the event planning. Not to be “in order to once again become an arena for political Agitation, and Aggression,” it said in a public notice.

“artistic freedom completely in the ass”

The inner political spokesman of the Green parliamentary group, Sebastian Striegel, criticized the actions to the MIRROR: “If rights are a danger, then you have to ban the parade and not the concert.” And quotes a Song by the Band: “I will build that in terms of the freedom of art of Saxony-Anhalt ‘completely fucked’.”

the AfD had criticized on Wednesday the concert, then the CDU, reacted on Thursday with public criticism. The two parties were already working together in terms of left-wing extremism: In the Parliament the AfD and the majority of the CDU had used group in the last year of a joint Commission for the investigation of left-wing extremism.

Recently had a Fine cream fish fillet nation-wide attention through an appearance in Chemnitz at the rally against the Right, “We are more”, also The dead trousers, Casper and Marteria against right-wing ideologies were engaged.

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