in 2016, Pastor Evan Mawarire sat down in front of his phone camera and gave a kind of sermon against corruption and injustices in Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe. He had wrapped himself in the colorful striped country flag. Under the tag #this flag he was with his rant famous.

Two years later, Emmerson Mnangagwa overthrew the old dictator Mugabe. He promised to change his country, but in mid-January, everything was the same: to escalate As protests against a drastic increase in the price of Petrol threatened, he ordered the security forces on protesters shoot.

Also Mawarire called for protests, and was arrested on charges of incitement and degradation of fixed and charged. Now a judge in the capital, Harare, ordered him to leave the Pastor against payment of a Deposit. He will have to pay 2000 dollars and three Times a week to the police report.

Evan Mawarire with flag in July 2016

In the case of the protests in mid-January, at least 12 people were shot dead, dozens of bullets injured and hundreds arrested. Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, the movement for Democratic change (MDC), said that the oppression of government opponents is worse than Mugabe’s.


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